Judah – Nomad

Anjunabeats has made quite the name for itself discovering unique producers who conjure up incredible sounds and moving melodies. One group in particular, consisting of two dudes from the frozen tundra of Minneapolis, have certainly lived up to the Anjuna name. I am of course talking about Daniel Paul Davis and Christopher Nelson, better known as progressive trance duo . Today on Anjunabeats, they see the release of their new odyssey track ‘Nomad’.

Over the past few years, have become a mainstay in progressive trance. Their new track ‘Nomad’ goes in a darker, more melodic direction than their previous tracks. The track has a gradual flow, with the melody staying constant throughout. engineered dark synths in the backdrop while also creating popping trance chords to give the track some serious personality. The final climax of the song gives off a bouncy, yet mellow beat.

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