Cardi B Thought Donald Glover And Childish Gambino Were Two Different People

Thought And Were Two Different People

Is it possible that had no idea that was also ? Well according to a since-deleted tweet she sent out yesterday, it appears so. The Bronx sensation apparently posted a tweet about looking like his real-life rap alias .

“It’s amazing how & Childish Gambino look soo much alike. Think they secretly the same person!!! Too dope!!” she tweeted out. Then 3 minutes later she added, “wait, Im confuse now,” adding to the fact that she might not have really known this. Im guessing fans & followers were getting at it her not knowing this, and that’s why she was confused, before ultimately deleting the tweet.

HitNaija On Telegram

Of course, Cardi is known for her trolling ways and could’ve just been playing around, but why would she delete it and not just own it then?

BigBoysNeighborhood & a few other people on twitter were able to grab a screen shot of the tweet before she deleted it, which you can check out for yourself (below).

Do you think Cardi was just trolling or do you think she actually didn’t know that Donald was indeed also Gambino?

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