Freddie Gibbs Played His “Baby Face Killa” Persona To Perfection In 2012

Freddie Gibbs Played HisPersona To Perfection In 2012

Played His “Baby Face Killa” Persona To Perfection In 2012

signal his intentions to the industry at large by describing a harsh milieu that lay unexposed to the vultures – not since “The Jackson’s” flew the coop. If it weren’t for reluctant A&Rs like DJ Drama, rappers like would be forced to spend less time honing their craft, and more time planning their market strategy (barf).

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has been an astute character since Day One – never one to let the vultures put their lay their pawprints all over his process. He’s also managed to be a good judge of character. Before DJ Drama ever stood accused of tampering with movement on Eternal Atake, he’d built a reputation as a solid intermediary for artists looking for exclusive publishing rights, and the slightest bit of “micromanagement.” Drama had already earned the trust of several industry types and was thus in the perfect relay position to further the cause.

That’s precisely where Gibbs came into view in 2012, boasting a ridiculously prophetic Baby Face Killa mixtape. With DJ Drama’s backing, and a nod from Pitchfork, who released the titular track “BFK” as a music video on their YouTube channel, Freddie’s literally took off like a matchstick. There’s no reason to believe Bandana isn’t in a high-end contender for AOTY. BFK was perhaps the first exponential step he took towards perennial contender status.

Quotable Lyrics:

Industry don’t want him cause the n—-s too gangsta
Probably never heard him on ya radio station
Way too thug for these mothafuckin’ rappers
Rap way better than ya neighborhood trapper
Man came down on the uppity bitch.

– Freddie Gibbs

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