Uncle Murda Wants Tekashi 6ix9ine To Get Raped In Jail

Uncle Murda Wants Tekashi 6ix9ine To Get Raped In Jail

Wants To Get Raped In Jail

When 6ix9ine jumped on a track with 50 Cent, and Casanova, New York hip-hop fans went crazy. “Get The Strap” premiered at the end of the summer and there was lots of hype surrounding it. Most of the anticipation came from the fact that we don’t get to hear 50 Cent rapping much anymore these days. At the time, Tekashi was at the peak of his popularity and considering his previous issues with Casanova, there was a lot to look forward to here. Now that 6ix9ine is in jail, awaiting his trial after allegedly ratting out his associates in a racketeering case, has switched up and he wants to see the rainbow-haired rapper suffer behind bars.

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In a brand new song preview, Murda takes aim at his former collaborator, speaking on 6ix9ine’s current situation. “Tekashi ’bout to tell on all of his homies,” starts out the veteran emcee. Murda speaks on how Tekashi’s baby mama has been publicly scared for her family’s safety after the artist decided to allegedly snitch before things took a violent turn. “Hope he get raped while they got him in PC,” raps . He then goes on to bring up “Get The Strap,” trashing the hit because of 6ix9ine’s involvement.

Some harsh, disrespectful words from Uncle Murda here. Stay tuned for the full version.

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